Between Them and God

But if you wait to feel like, “Okay, I’m ready to release them,” you’re not going to do it.  We do it, then the joy will occur; then we’ll have the freedom. “Well man, what if the person doesn’t receive the forgiveness?”  You know what? That’s between them and God, but we’re called to release.

Joseph did that. And even through betrayal what happened?  An entire nation was saved.  Jesus did that ultimately and perfectly on the cross.  He rose again. And because of that, our salvation is secured.  This is amazing, amazing stuff, betrayal.  The beautiful side of betrayal.  God can use even betrayal to take all of us to a new level of living if we focus on Jesus.

ILLUS: Well, let’s fast forward the clock several thousand years ahead from Joseph and Jesus. Because eleven years ago, at Fellowship Church, one act of betrayal almost destroyed what God was doing.  I have never shared this story publicly.  I have shared it to just a couple of people in a couple of confidential situations. Yet, I really felt a leading when I began to prepare for this series to tell you about this situation.  So, please understand and hear my heart when I share this with you.

Fellowship Church began 17 years ago in a small office complex with about 150 people.  That’s when it officially started.  And we were like this nomadic church; we moved from rented facilities to other rented facilities. We met in a theater, we met in an arts complex, we met in a high school. And our offices and everything was leased and rented.

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