Celebrate Christianity


I could relate to you and what you were saying, it kind of goes back to what I was thinking about. I wanted something to relate to me in my everyday life and what I was doing.  So, I don’t know if you would call it spiritual guidance or what I was looking for, but when I left Fellowship that day, I got into the car with Richard and I remember looking at him and I said, “You know what?  We have really found something here.  Ed Young we need to explore this.  And we need to continue doing this.  I think it’s going to change our lives.”

I have goose bumps now, but I remember the second sermon we went to. Do you remember that one, Richard?  It was very powerful.  And I remember thinking to myself, “Today is a great day to change my life.”  And you said in your sermon, you said to me, ( it was like you were saying it to me, but you said to the audience), “If you want to know Christ, pray this prayer with me and it can change your life.”  And I remember thinking to myself, “Now is it.  I can do it.”  I looked over at Richard and I thought, Ed Young Ministry “Well, if he doesn’t do it, that’s okay.  I’ll do it on my own.”  I looked over and he had closed his eyes and he had bowed his head and we were both doing it at the same time.  And I remember he just reached over and he grabbed my hand, squeezed my hand and we both felt at that moment I think, “Wow! This is it.”  And we had such an incredible feeling.  I have goose bumps right now.  I looked at him and I kissed him and I told him I loved him and I thought, “Our life is about to change.  This is incredible.”  It’s just, you want to celebrate Christianity with other people and that’s the way we look at it.

Richard:  To what Nancy said, when you bring somebody here, the first thing is we know that they are never going to get let down. The message is going to be so relevant to their life, the music is going to be fantastic.  Pastor Ed Young if they have children, they are going to be taken care of so they can really go and sit and listen to what is being said and take it in.  Many of our friends just don’t go for whatever reason.  There are a million excuses until they find something that really fits them. And this is what Fellowship has created.

Let’s move now to the second fire fighting formula, the second fireproof formula.  Develop a disposition of confidence.  I just said the confidence word.

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