A lot of us are dealing with a number of issues these days and the exciting news about that is that the steps of recovery are the same.  If you are dealing with the habit of lying, of not eating enough, gambling, drug addiction, whatever the issue, whatever the baggage that you bring to the Lord, that you put on the table today, the steps to recovery are the same.  Today’s message is going to be a unique one.  I am going to do the first part over the next twelve minutes, then I am going to stop and we are going to have a drama.  The drama is going to illustrate the futility of men and women trying to control their lives.  Then after the drama I will come back for Part II and step two of this exciting series.

Well let’s jump right in.  Step one on the recovery channel is, admit that you are powerless to change your problem.  We have to admit that we are powerless to change our problems.  Some of you are saying, this kind of sounds like the twelve step process.  The powerless stuff.  You are exactly right.  The twelve step process was invented by two alcoholics and a couple of Christians in 1935.  The basic twelve steps are from the word of God.  We are going to condense these steps and some of them will sound familiar to you.

This first step is saying, “God, I admit to You that I am powerless to change my problem.”  That is a big step.  Most of us kind of skip over that one and go to the next one.  Have you ever admitted that you are powerless to change your problem?  We all have problems and our problems center around the first Roman numeral on youroutline. Ed Young


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