God, make me a fisherman

If I don’t feel it, if I’m not revved up, if I don’t love fishing, it does not translate into this church.  But I am praying that many of you who have been sitting by the fire, sipping cappuccino, reading fishing magazines, I’m praying that many of you will get up off of your rear, put down your cappuccino, open the door, jump in the boat, and brave the elements and hit the high seas to catch the fish that God has in your life.

You don’t have to fly to Zimbabwe or the Orient to share your faith.  Why fly over one mission field to get to another one?  If God calls you there, great, good for you.  Start in your own aquarium.  Start in your own body of water.  But I guess the question that is kind of hanging out there is the “how” question. Asks us  How?

“Okay, you have talked about it.  I understand about people being optimistic, patient, intentional and persistent and all that.  But how?  I’m ready.  I am a Christ-follower.  How do I do it?”

If you accept this angling adventure challenge, you have got to do, I believe, several things.  First of all, you have got to pray the fisherman’s prayer. The fisherman’s prayer goes something like this, “God, make me a fisherman.  Make me a fisherman.  You give me the ability, Lord, to cast, to take those risks, to say those words of truth to people you have strategically stocked in my life.”

Why?  Because every time God moves in history, it is always accompanied by new music.

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