H stands for the word hear

That brings us now to the H letter.  H stands for the word hear.  If I’m going to build a self-esteem, I’ve got to hear their messages.  James 1:19 says, “Everyone should be quick to listen.”  We’re quick to speak, but are we quick to listen?  That means to concentrate.  Quick to listen,  I’ve got hear people’s messages.  When they talk to me, I’ve got to take it in.

Don’t you hate it when you’re talking to someone and they’re always looking to improve their conversational lie?  Like in golf, you know, you have a bad lie and you say, “Well, that’s no good, I’ll kick it somewhere else.”  I talk to people sometimes: “Ed, how are you doing? . . . Oh, yeah, I enjoyed it.”  They’re off to someone else and you were right in the middle of a conversation.  Or, I call them the pounce people.  You’re talking, you’re explaining something, and you have a little break, a little silence, and they pounce in the middle of the conversation, “But did you know what happened to me?  I did this, I did that, and this is me and this is that.”  They won’t let you talk. They’re destroying someone’s self-esteem.  Do you watch a person’s body language?  Are you really hearing them?  Are you really listening to them?

Teenagers were asked in a poll, what do they think about when they see their parents?  Over 90% said they see a giant Mick Jagger mouth.  Always, “You’re no good.  You need to do better.”  They said they wish they could see a giant Dumbo-size ear.  Parents, if you listen to your children when they’re young, it’s a self-esteem foundation, and when they’re old, they’ll still talk to you.  You listen. Become a good listener. When someone messes up in the marketplace, people managers, listen to them.  Sit them down and say, where did it go wrong?  Did I explain myself?”  Go along those lines.  There are some times, though, when you have to terminate someone.  That happens.  For self-esteem purposes, if they’re in the wrong line of work, you’ve got say, “I think it would be better for you to do this.”  Hear.  Hear, and listen.

“If I could only have that car.”  It is fine to drive the car but look at the unpictured reality.”

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