His Word for our Own Good

The Bible says, five times directly and twenty-five times indirectly, for singles to abstain from sex until marriage. When I make a statement like that from the Bible, what do you think is the typical response among those who are not married in our midst? Is it this? “Thank you, Ed. Thank you for showing me God’s principles and precepts and directives concerning my sexuality. I’m so excited I have to wait until marriage! Yeah”. No, that’s not the reaction that most single adults have. The most common response is filled with resentment and outrage, “God, why are you raining on my sexual parade? Here you made me as a sexual being and one lazy afternoon in glory, you arbitrarily decide to tell one half of the populace, no and the other half of the populace who are married, yes. You give them a blank check and my account is closed”. Single adults have a tough time seeing the why, behind God’s prohibitions. God has put His prohibitions in His Word for our own good. That’s right, for our own good.

Think about it.  We’re created in the image of God.  We’re the crown of His creation. He’s placed us on this beautiful earth for a purpose. He’s given us Jesus Christ as our Savior. He’s placed the person of the Holy Spirit inside of our lives for strength and guidance and assurance. He’s given us the church for encouragement and support, and He promises us a home in heaven forever, and tells us “Obey My Word”. In fact, He says, “If you don’t obey My Word, you’ll suffer some major league, Superbowl type consequences”.

God tells us in the Scripture exactly what the words of the song we just heard proclaim, “Hold on to your hearts. Hold on to your sexuality”.

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