Our Priority – God, Family, the Marketplace


When I grew up, my brothers and I, we bought a gerbil and for some unknown reason, we named him Jim Harkins, a full name, Jim Harkins, and Jim the gerbil grew from a tiny baby gerbil to a giant behemoth. We had a big aquarium, cedar shavings, water and Jim seemed lonesome so we bought Jim a gerbil treadmill and Jim loved that treadmill and we would watch him for hours and hours. Jim would hop on the treadmill and his little gerbil paws would start moving and he was flying, and in that gerbil brain, Jim thought he was making tracks man, going 90 mph.

He had left the aquarium way back there! But then finally, he would get tired and think, “Where am I? I’m nowhere” and he would turn around in the gerbil treadmill and go the opposite way. We would die laughing. It was hilarious. But I’ve lived my life like that before. So have you. So are many of you right now. You have no focus. You have no goals. You have no real priorities.   You’re like Jim the gerbil syndrome.   You think you’re really making tracks, man.   You’re trying to be like Arsenio Hall, “Let’s get busy!” but busy doing what? You’re on the treadmill.

There are two what I call priority predators. Our priority – God, family, the marketplace. But two priority predators nail most of us and these predators are in the shadows and they love to attack and maim and wound and kill our priorities. The first one is the inability, listen to me, to sa$j^wC)The inability to say “no”. That tears away, that destroys most of our priorities.

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