The Bible says

Suddenly, though, the further you get away from the water, it gets to be hot and you start doing this, don’t you?  It will wear you out.  It’s terrible.  I hate to run on hot sand.  That’s what Moses did.  Moses took the compass and he’s running on hot sand in the desert.  The Bible says he fled.  He fled to Midian.  And sin, warms us that if not dealt with effectively and radically, is going to lead you to a desert and Moses is running in the desert.

Let me stop right here and say something. Many of you today, you have the shovel factor going on, you have the toe factor going on, you have the sand factor going on.  You’ve tried to cover sin, you haven’t dealt with it, you’ve made major mistakes in your life like Moses and Satan’s saying, “Hey, it’s over for you. God could never make you into a difference maker again.  It’s over.  Lights out.  See you later.”  And you’d think by reading this, “It’s over for Moses.  A difference maker now a disaster area.”  But there’s a great word here.  There is a way.  There is hope.  There is a plan.  There is a purpose in the desert.  If you’re in the desert running, I want to share with you three things you could do in the desert and three things I need to do in the desert and three things that Moses did in the desert.

The first thing Moses did he stopped running and he sat down.  He stopped running and he sat down.  Look at verse 15.  “Moses fled from Pharaoh, went to Midian, where he sat down.”  He sat down in the desert.

A desert is not a great place to sit down, is it?  He sat down in the desert.  He stopped running.  Unclench your fists, relax your legs and sit down in the desert.  Sit down.  If you’re running from your sin, sit down.

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