The perfect life

Some of us are not in denial.  Others of us are in what I call Home Depot Land.  We are the quintessential Home Depot people.

“No, I’m not in denial, God.  I’m the Home Depot person.  I’m in rubble trouble and here is what I am going to do.  I’m going to do this.  I’m going to build out of my rubble a perfect structure that is pleasing to you.”  That’s what we try to do.  God does leave that option open for all of us.

God says that if we live the perfect life, if we reflect righteousness 100% of the time, then we can get to heaven.

If you study the major world religions, you will see that, basically, they are colossal human construction plans.  Basically, they say that mankind can look within himself, can look within his rubble, and build a structure that might be pleasing to God.  One day, when we face death, we might hit nirvana, or this state, or meet God … maybe.  World religions are based on works.  They are based on people picking up hammers and nails and trying to build their way to God.  But you can’t build a flawless structure with flawed materials, can you?  You can’t do it. God says that the moment you have one speck of sawdust in your structure, the moment you have one nick in the molding, the moment the bricks aren’t perfect, then your human construction plan is not going to get you where you want to go.

Many here hearing my voice are on the human construction plan.  “Well, Ed, I’m a Catholic, man.  I can build my way to God.”  “I’m a Baptist.  Surely, I can build my way, work my way, give my way and, ‘do good’ my way to God.”

No, you can’t.  Because at the end of the day, we are all sinners.  We are all in rubble trouble.  Yet, so many of us are hammering and nailing with our hammers and the nails.  Those are the same two instruments that they used to nail Jesus to the cross.  At this point, in our denial and deception, at this point in our Home Depot Land, what did God do?

I watched them and happen to love them.  I noticed that they were having a difficult time being generous with things like a doll or a basketball or Nintendo 64.  So here is a song that I wrote.  The lyrics are complicated, but follow me.

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