The Vision from God

They began to look and they thought, “Oh, I can’t wait. This is it, God! Thank you for your blessings!” But something occurs. God tells Moses, their fearless leader something in verse 1, Numbers chapter 13. God says, “Moses, I want you to send out a scouting report. No big deal. Just a scouting report”. “And the Lord said to Moses”, verse 1, “send some men to explore the Land of Canaan”. I’m in verse 2 now. “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan”. I don’t want them to give their opinion on the land or to see if we can take the land; just send them out. He says, “I want you to get these men to explore the land of Canaan “which I am giving to the Israelites”.

God says it’s a slam dunk deal. “The land is yours! But I want you to go out, kind of a secret reconnaissance mission and check and see what all the variables are and look and after you’ve gone for a while, you return and then we’re ready to claim the land. Alright?” “Alright!” and Moses was ready. He had the vision from God. He was in God’s will, and here’s what verse 2 says, “Take a person”, the last part of verse 2, “from each ancestral tribe and send out one of its leaders”. There were twelve tribes in Israel and they each chose one leader. Now, this leader was not a lightweight, a fly-by-night type person. These were impact people. Major players. So Moses picked twelve spies to go out on this mission. Now, what was their mission? Their mission was more or less what Star Trek talks about…to boldly go where no man has ever gone before. I like that… a beautiful definition of vision.

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