What’s the opposite of faith?

Sadly, Ed believes that a lot of people, a lot of sincere believers think that they have this dirty little secret rolling around on the rotisserie grill of their consciousness. And all of these doubts just rebounding back and forth in their mind.  We dare not share it, because if we told someone that we doubt, that we struggle on an issue, then they would say, “Oh, you’re not a true Christian!  You mean you’re a pastor?  You mean you’re a leader?  You mean you oversee a small group?  You mean you’re an usher?  You mean you lead worship? And you doubt?  Whoa!”

And we place this guilt and this shame with our doubt. And he mentioned that many of us have been living like that for a long time.  “We can’t express our doubts,” we say, “we’ve got to be real.  We’ve got to be open.”

God does not want me to be in some pseudo-relationship with Him.  He wants me to put the cards on the table.  So I doubt, because I’ve got to be true to myself.

Doubt Is Not What I Thought It Was

He reveals the second reason I doubt is doubt is not what I thought it was.  Doubt is a unique animal.  I thought it was one animal, yet doubt surprised me.  Doubt is a different animal.

What is the opposite of love?  Some of you are going to say, “Oh, I know what that is! Hate.”  But you’re wrong. I used to think the opposite of love was hate.  The opposite of love is apathy.

What’s the opposite of faith?  You think, “Oh, I know what that is! Doubt.”  Wrong.  The opposite of faith is unbelief.

According to Ed, the word “believe” means to be in one mind about something or someone we accept.  To disbelieve is to be one mind about something or someone we reject.

The word “doubt” comes from the Latin term “dubatere,” which means two.  Picture a suspension bridge between the solid ground of belief and disbelief.  The wobbly suspension bridge between the two is doubt.  When I doubt, I’m between the two.  I’m in two minds.

It takes commitment to begin the Christian life and also commitment has to be continually built as we walk and talk and live for the Lord.  The dove, the Holy Spirit, is active in this entire deal. Ed Young

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