Know Fear “Fear of God” Blog #2

The Bible says, “Perfect love casts out fear”. This means we should not fear the future, commitment, failure, loneliness, or anything else—but God. He is the only entity worthy of our fear. Because He is love, His love for us casts out lesser fears and gives us a faith perspective. Fear is the most basic […]

Thread “A Common Thread” Blog #2

If you find yourself hesitating when it comes to baptism, if you are doing the Heisman pose to immersion, it is time to move the ball downfield. I love to rhyme, so here goes. Don’t hesitate to liquidate. Go into the H20. Don’t get punked, get dunked. Don’t blunder, just go under. And my favorite, […]

Ignite “You’re Fired” Blog #2

I was seventeen the first time I recognized God communicating to me through the ordinary. My friend Russell and I went to separate high schools, and one day I sat in his room flipping through his yearbook. A small black and white picture in the athletics section caught my eye. The photo was of a […]

Juicy Fruit: “Peace” Blog #1 Spiritual and Personal Peace

In Romans 5:1, the Apostle Paul is ecstatic. He is doing cartwheels and giving out Hebrew high-fives. With excitement, he said, “Since we have been justified through faith…” (This means we have confessed our sins and received Christ as our Savior) “…we have the peace of God”. Question—is he referring to worldly or spiritual peace? […]

“The Door” Part 3

New Ed: I think it’s fascinating when I look back at this old school message, because so many of the things I talk about today are still built off what I said in this first message. Old Ed: Now throughout the game the fans, they repeated one cheer. Over and over and over again. They […]