Juicy Fruit: “Peace” Blog #1 Spiritual and Personal Peace

In Romans 5:1, the Apostle Paul is ecstatic. He is doing cartwheels and giving out Hebrew high-fives. With excitement, he said, “Since we have been justified through faith…” (This means we have confessed our sins and received Christ as our Savior) “…we have the peace of God”. Question—is he referring to worldly or spiritual peace? […]

“The Door” Part 3

New Ed: I think it’s fascinating when I look back at this old school message, because so many of the things I talk about today are still built off what I said in this first message. Old Ed: Now throughout the game the fans, they repeated one cheer. Over and over and over again. They […]

“The Door” Part 2

  Let’s bow for prayer together. Dear Heavenly Father, clear our hearts and our minds of every outside thought except what you’re going to say to us. Oh Lord, you know I have nothing to say but you have everything to say. You give me the words. For we ask these things in the precious […]

“The Door” Part 1

  New Ed: Throwback. A brand new series that we’re doing that I’m very, very excited about. We are going back in the archives 25 years ago when I first started preaching. You might be going, Ed Young, why are you doing that? Well, basically you can’t understand me today unless you look back and […]

Understand the Freedom in Christ Life

For some it could be greed. For some, gossip. For others, lust. But the sin that so easily entangles us is like this robe, it easily trips us up. The Bible says to throw it off, take off your warm-ups and get down to your lightweight running gear. Then and only then will you understand […]